Rebecca Jane Foundation


In its quest to gift beautiful farewells to angel babies, the Rebecca Jane Foundation is supported by a brilliant team of volunteers. No charity can work without the immense generosity of those who put their hand up to help. All of the people listed (and so many more) generously give of their time and talent to guide the foundation to move forward and grow.

Here are the names and faces behind our charity.

As well as our board members who are listed first, we are also supported by some wonderful volunteers, businesses and our Facebook family.

Robyn O'Connell


Founder and Current Chair

You will find Robyn’s story on the Rebecca Jane Story page, however she also comes with the experience of being a director of a community credit union board, as well as a not for profit, with a strong background in governance and compliance. Add to this Robyn has run her own successful business as a funeral celebrant (Silver Celebrants) since 2002.

Ashley Bretherton



Ashley is the queen of organisation and strategy! With a background in finance, Ashley currently works as a team leader for a contractor in maintenance across Australia. Her organisational skills are exemplary and she was key to taking a concept and making it a reality.

David Nugent

David N

Technical Director

David’s knowledge is in technology and he will take on the responsibility of overseeing the very important online presence we have. A software engineer, he has an extensive background in the back end of how things work. David is married to Robyn and supports her in this endeavour.

David Schneider

David S


David is a well known celebrant in Melbourne, who brings a wealth of knowledge in marketing and branding to the foundation. He also has a background in the finance sector and keeps a keen eye out for trends in the wedding and funeral industries. David’s focus will be on us getting the right message out.

Terry Clifton - Consultant (volunteer)

Terry Clifton.png


Terry has been in the funeral industry for over 30 years and brings a wealth of knowledge of the industry.
Now running his own business Prestige Funerals, Terry has been a great supporter of RJF and although now not a director, he is still our consultant representing funeral directors as they are a key to us providing the beautiful farewells. Terry will advise us on the funeral director side of things so that we can develop a strategic alliance with all funeral companies across Australia.