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The Rebecca Jane Foundation is seeking to help families who wouldn't otherwise be able to manage to pay for their baby's funeral. The sad reality is that you would be hard pressed to find anyone whose lives have not been touched by a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death. Most of us have a connection with someone, if it hasn't touched you personally, then it will have affected someone you know. With your help, we can help those families who have the greatest need, perhaps with no family support or families who may emotionally support them but are unable to financially.

Maybe many years ago, you were in that very position and could not pay the funeral director's account and the tragedy of not only having your baby die but the fact you could not afford to pay for your baby's funeral weighed heavily, or maybe even still weighs heavily on you. Now, you are in a completely different financial position but still live with that regret - perhaps you can take our founder's example and pay it forward, she's doing it 39 years later!

So what can you do to help?

Host an Event

Sausage Sizzle

Perhaps your company holds some sort of event that you could use to raise funds for us? This year already we have had a Christmas in July put on for us by a local business networking group. Maybe you have an annual golf day, or even something as simple as having us as the Kris Kringle recipient of your Christmas work function, where everyone gives $10 (or whatever your limit is) to us instead of going to the trouble of buying something.

You might belong to a group who would be prepared to have a sausage sizzle for us - we would be grateful for any support you can give. Talk to us about it, we are happy to help in whatever way we can!



We are always on the lookout for gifts to give to people who hold events for us to use for silent auctions or prizes. It may be a product that your company makes, or something you are willing to buy to donate. You might belong to a crafting group who may make a quilt for us, a woodworking group might create a handmade child's toy - the options are endless. For ease of carrying and storing, smaller items would be ideal, however if you wanted to donate a house or car we would not say no to that either!



If you would like to make a donation click on the button below.