Rebecca Jane Foundation

Our Supporters

The Rebecca Jane Foundation in its quest to help families facing financial crisis when a baby dies, has many generous benefactors. There are companies and organisations in particular that have believed in us from the beginning - we are very grateful for their support! So if you have the opportunity, please support them by becoming their customers or in the case of organisations, tell them that you know of the wonderful support they have given us.

East Ringwood Branch Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank cheque.jpg

Bendigo Bank gave over $6M dollars away to community organisations in 2017 - that is simply amazing! As a new charity, it is hard to get people to have faith in what you want to do. Bendigo Bank were willing to believe in our mission by giving of a grant that would fund three funerals. We were able to do more with that and were able to help four families, one of which had only been in Australia for 18 months and had no family support to help them. Their thank you letter in part said: "Thank you for your compassion and understanding, especially to a young family like ours."