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If you require immediate help with financial assistance, please fill out our application form here Application form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

How we help:

In order for the Rebecca Jane Foundation to provide funerals for angel babies, we will work with funeral directors across Australia to provide a simple but beautiful farewell to babies between the ages of 20 weeks gestation (or registered birth) and one year of age, where their parents will incur a significant financial impact by providing a farewell for their angel baby.

In conjunction with the funeral directors, wherever possible, we will contribute funds to assist:

  • Funeral director's service fee.
  • A celebrant or minister to conduct a service if required, or quiet goodbyes in the funeral director's chapel.
  • Cremation and associated costs.
  • An outfit generously donated from Angel Gowns for Australian Babies whose beautiful outfits you see below.

Please note: While parents will have their choice of a funeral director, there is a maximum amount that is available for each family, so costs above that need to be covered by the family. If a burial is required, the family will have to pay for the burial site due to the variance in costs around Australia, however what would be cremation costs can be used as a partial contribution.

Angel Gowns #1

Angel Gowns #2

Angel Gowns #3

Angel Gowns #4